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Burkina Faso's president resigns

Burkina Faso's President Blaise Compaore resigns following violent protests, with army chief Honore Traore taking over as head of state.

China makes 'biggest cash haul'

Anti-corruption investigators in China reportedly find the equivalent of $33m in cash at an official's home - the biggest such haul to date.

UN chief defends Ebola aid workers

UN chief Ban Ki-moon says discrimination against humanitarian workers who return home from the Ebola crisis in West Africa is "unacceptable".

Key Jerusalem holy site reopens

Israel reopens a key Jerusalem holy site after its temporary closure following the shooting of a prominent Jewish activist.

Lawsuit over Malaysia missing plane

Two children whose father was on Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 which disappeared file a lawsuit against the airline and Malaysia's government.

Russia-Ukraine deal secures EU gas

Russia will resume gas deliveries to Ukraine this winter in a deal brokered by the European Union, which will also safeguard supplies to EU countries.

Myanmar in rare multi-party talks

Myanmar's president is holding rare roundtable talks with the opposition, military and ethnic groups, as the US calls for "credible" elections next year.

Deadly blast at Nigeria bus station

An explosion at a major bus station in Gombe state in north-eastern Nigeria kills at least four people and injures 32 people, police say.

Hungary scraps controversial web tax

Hungary shelves a proposed tax on internet data traffic after tens of thousands of Hungarians marched against it.

China executes toddler-thrower

A court in China executes a man who killed a two-year-old girl in Beijing following a parking space row with her mother.

US police killing suspect captured

A US man who has eluded police in the forests of Pennsylvania for seven weeks after the fatal shooting of a police officer has been found.

Mass graves found in western Iraq

Scores of bodies of Sunni Muslim tribesmen apparently killed by Islamic State militants are found in mass graves in western Iraq.

Brazil football club to open cemetery

Brazilian football club Corinthians is to open a cemetery for supporters who want to be buried close to their favourite players.

Norway's long wait for rockslide

It could be a long wait for viewers, but Norwegian TV has set up a webcam in front of Mount Mannen in anticipation of a large rockslide.

Charity warns US on Ebola quarantine

Charity Doctors Without Borders warns some mandatory US state Ebola quarantine measures are having a "chilling effect" on its work.

Long-serving Boston mayor dies

Thomas Menino, who served as mayor of Boston for more than 20 years, has died after a battle with cancer.

Colombian Farc in civilian admission

Colombia's Farc rebel group acknowledges for the first time that its actions in Latin America's longest internal conflict "affected civilians".

Evacuations amid Costa Rica eruption

Costa Rica issues an alert and evacuates communities after ash from the Turrialba volcano reaches the capital, San Jose, and beyond.

Cows to keep Kenyan girls in school

Nine cows will be offered to fathers in areas of northern Kenya to ensure their daughters finish their education, a county governor says.

Tunisia secularists win elections

Tunisia's secularist Nidaa Tounes party wins 81 seats in parliament, pushing the Islamists of Ennahda into second place, official results show.

Three held over India bank heist

Police in India say they have arrested three people who they suspect robbed a bank by digging a 125-foot (40-metre) tunnel straight into the vault.

Beijing bans Halloween on metro

Beijing police say people wearing Halloween-themed fancy-dress on the city's metro could face arrest, state media report.

Russia raises interest rates to 9.5%

Russia's central bank raises interest rates to 9.5% from 8%, a much bigger rise than expected, as it seeks to combat inflation.

French radio station catches fire

A major fire forces the evacuation of the French national radio building in Paris but there are no immediate reports of casualties.

Iraqi Kurd fighters 'enter Kobane'

An advance party of 10 Iraqi Kurd fighters have entered the Syrian border town of Kobane to join the battle against Islamic State militants, activists say.

Rebels reinforce besieged Kobane

Free Syrian Army fighters arrive in Kobane to help the defence of the Syrian border town under siege by Islamic State militants, sources there say.

Woolf 'unsuitable' say victim groups

Victims' groups tell Home Office officials they are "unanimous" in their view that the head of an inquiry into historical child sex abuse should resign.

Two missing after fireworks blaze

Two people are missing and a man has been arrested after a major blaze at a Stafford fireworks warehouse that left two people in hospital.

BOJ boosts monetary stimulus measure

Japan's central bank, the Bank of Japan, surprises markets by announcing an expansion of its monetary stimulus policy.

Eurozone inflation edges up to 0.4%

Inflation in the eurozone rose slightly in October, giving some hope that the spectre of deflation can be staved off.

Former Android boss leaves Google

Andy Rubin steps down from Google, while his former colleague Daniel Graf is demoted at Twitter

Costa set to make Chelsea return

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho confirms striker Diego Costa will be available for Saturday's Premier League game with QPR.

Hamilton critical of double points

Lewis Hamilton says it would "suck" if he lost the world title as a result of the controversial final-race double points rule.

Gerrard open to move from Liverpool

Steven Gerrard says he could join another club next summer if Liverpool do not offer him a new contract.

Blurred Lines dispute to go to trial

A US judge rules the long-running dispute between Marvin Gaye's family, Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams over claims of plagiarism should go to trial.

Dench and Watson honoured in LA

Actors Dame Judi Dench, Emma Watson and Robert Downey Junior are among the stars honoured at the Britannia Awards hosted by Bafta in LA.

Harris loses conviction appeal bid

Entertainer Rolf Harris loses the first round of a legal challenge against his conviction for indecent assaults.

VIDEO: The mystery drones flying over nuclear sites

Unmanned aircraft have been seen flying over many of France's nuclear stations and the authorities don't know where they have come from.

VIDEO: Baby pandas wrestle with their keeper

A breeder in China's Chendgu province was trying to give these two baby pandas medicine instead of their usual bamboo leaves- and they were having none of it.

VIDEO: 'Rage on the streets' in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso's President Blaise Compaore says he will stay in power for a year under a transitional government, following a day of violent protests demanding his resignation.

VIDEO: The makeshift 'protection' for Ebola

The BBC's Anne Soy reports from Ghana, where health care workers in one hospital serving Liberian refugees have had to use rain coats instead of proper protective gear against Ebola.

VIDEO: Russia and Ukraine agree gas deal

Russia has agreed to resume gas supplies to Ukraine over the winter in a deal brokered by the European Union.

VIDEO: Where are Mexico's missing students?

The Mexican president has met with the families of 43 students who went missing in September, following clashes with police.

VIDEO: Where people openly smoke marijuana

The BBC's Anna Holligan visited a cafe in Amsterdam where people smoke as much marijuana as they like, and the government gets a share of the proceeds.

VIDEO: Inside India bank robbers' tunnel

Indian police are hunting for thieves who tunnelled into a bank and fled with valuables worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ukraine's 'cyborg' defenders at Donetsk airport

Where Ukraine's battle goes on despite ceasefire

The volunteers ready to fight Ebola

The health workers volunteering to fight Ebola

Day in pictures: 31 October

Iimages from around the world taken over the past 24 hours

The price of peace in Colombia

What would Colombia look like, if talks could end conflict?

Is it a golden age for Chinese cinema?

Will Chinese films be the next big blockbusters?

VIDEO: Inside a haunted house in Louisiana

Inside one of America's scariest haunted houses

The scandal-hit politicians seeking re-election

The scandal-hit US politicians who could be re-elected

Anzacs' sacrifice remembered 100 years on in Albany

Australian town marks the Anzacs who left for war

The channel that's spiced up French TV

The TV station that's spiced up the French airwaves



Εχει πλέον ξεπεράσει τα όρια ο Μίκης Θεοδωράκης. Ενώ κανένας δεν μπορεί να αμφισβητήσει την έξοχη καλλιτεχνική του προσφορά η προσπάθειοά του να αποτελεί παράγοντα της δημόσιας ζωής τον έχει οδηγήσει στα όρια της γελοιότητας. Παρεμβαίνοντας κατά καιρούς σε λογής ζητήματα, άσχετα με την όποια καλλιτεχνική δημιουργία, έχει γίνει πιά ανέκδοτο αντιφατικότητας και ουσιαστικά παραπληροφόρησης. Στα χρόνια της καλλιτεχνικής του ακμής υπερηφανευόταν για τα βραβεία και την αναγνώριση που εξασφάλιζε από φασιστικά ουσιαστικά κυβερνήσεις που με πρόσχημα είτε τον κομμουνισμό (Σοβιετική Ενωση) είτε τον υποτιθέμενο "αδέσμευτο" σοσιαλισμό (καθεστώτα Συρίας και Κούβας) δεν δίσταζαν να βασανίζουν τους λαούς τους και να τους καταδικάζουν στην ανέχεια
και την σκληρότερη ανελεθευρία. Στα χρόνια της καλλιτεχνικής στασιμότητας η και παρακμής προχώρησε σε αντιφατικά κραυγαλέες πολιτικές πρωτοβουλίες που κάποιες φορές άγγιζαν τα όρια της ασύμβατης πολιτικής ανηθικότητας. Βουλευτής και Υπουργός της ΝΔ, άλλοτε πολέμιος κι' άλλοτε υποστηρικτής του ΚΚΕ εκμεταλλεύτηκε ακόμη και τις Ενοπλες Δυνάμεις (στρατιωτικό αεροπλάνο) για να μεταφερθεί στην Γιουγκοσλαυία του δικτάτορα Μιλόσεβιτς και να ευλογήσει τις σφαγές των "αλλόδοξων" Αλβανών από Σέρβους παραστρατιωτικούς στο Κόσοβο. Με την τάση να κινείται πάντα με το ρεύμα ώστε να προβάλεται και να ακούγεται τα έβαλε κατά καιρούς άλλοτε με την παγκοσμιοποίηση, άλλοτε με τους αμερικανούς και την Δύση ενώ τελευταία δεν δίστασε να κατακεραυνώσει και τους όποιους επικριτές του αρχιεπισκόπου προτρέποντάς τους "να πλένουν το στόμα τους" πριν τον αναφέρουν!! Ενδιάμεσα βέβαια φρόντιζε άμεσα η έμμεσα και τα οικονομικά του συμφέροντα καταγγέλοντας λ.χ. τις δαπάνες για την παράσταση του Παπαθανασίου στις Στήλες του Ολυμπίου Διός, τα αγγλόφωνασ τραγούδια στην Γιουροβίζιον και τα "λιγα λεφτα"(!) που του έδωσαν για κάποια παράσταση, νομίζω, στο Ηρώδειο. Τώρα τα έβαλε - ανάποδα - με τον Αρχιεπίσκοπο (άσχετα αν τώρα έχει δίκιο) για την επίσκεψή του στον τάφο του Γρίβα.Καλό θα είναι ο Μϊκης Θεοδωράκης να αφοσιωθεί και πάλι στην τέχνη του επιχειρώντας να ξαναδημιουργήσει μεγαλειώδεις μελωδίες όπως και κατά το παρελθόν... 

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